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Any resource you need for your presentation and/or demo! Missing something? Have a look at Pre-Sales Support or let us know at!

6.1 GoMeddo intro text

Use the following texts as part of your presentations to quickly explain what GoMeddo does.

GoMeddo is the Salesforce native scheduling app with unlimited possibilities for all your resourcing and scheduling needs.

GoMeddo is a limitless scheduling and booking system for all industries and businesses of any size. From managing educational courses to gym classes, vehicle bookings to salon appointments, GoMeddo developers leverage the power of Salesforce to make any booking requirement a possibility.

Let’s free up resources, assets, spaces, people and customers and maximise their impact. GoMeddo supports a full business cycle, from planning and reservations to bookings and payments. And with all data stored in Salesforce you can easily (re)engage with your customers. It’s our mission to help organisations maximise their efficiency, user experience and grow their business.

6.2 Slide decks


Have a look at our general slide deck which also includes a visual representation of the GoMeddo Business Cycle.


Use this slide deck for an Education use case.


Use this slide deck for a Healthcare use case.

6.3 Logos & Brand Guideline

Please use the following logos and choose the logo most appropriate for its application. If you need an alternative logo please contact us for guidance.

Brand Guidelines

6.4 Documentation

Become a GoMeddo Demo Master with our extensive knowledge base.

6.5 How-to Videos

Looking for video guidance on configuring basic GoMeddo functionality? We've got you covered! Our collection of informative videos provides step-by-step instructions to help you set up essential features in GoMeddo. Whether you're new to the platform or need a refresher, these concise and easy-to-follow videos will equip you with the knowledge to optimise your GoMeddo experience!

6.6 Demo Videos

Our demo videos provide a comprehensive overview of the various features, functionalities, and capabilities that GoMeddo offers. From seamless booking processes to intuitive user interfaces, these videos demonstrate how GoMeddo can transform your business operations and enhance your customer experience.

6.7 Release notes

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest releases and enhancements of GoMeddo and its extensions? Join our mailing list to receive timely notifications about all the new features, updates, and improvements we introduce to our platform.

To subscribe to our mailing list and start receiving regular updates, simply provide your email address through our subscription form. You'll gain access to exclusive insights, early access opportunities, and the ability to stay one step ahead with the latest innovations in the GoMeddo suite.

You can also check out the release note history here!

6.8 Quick Starts

Have a look at our Quick Starts for some pointers on how to use GoMeddo as an Admin and as a User.

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