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Preconfigured demo org

We’ve created a fully configured GoMeddo demo that you can use to quickly demonstrate the product. This will be a Salesforce 30 day trial org with a preconfigured GoMeddo 30 day trial on it. As it is a standalone environment, it won’t be integrated with any existing demo process that you might already have in your own demo org. If you are looking for that option, please see Demo from your own org.

This org environment will be available to you for 30 days. After that, the environment is removed by Salesforce. You can easily log a case with Salesforce Support to extend the org, and you can contact us to then extend the GoMeddo trial. Or feel free to create a new environment whenever you want.

4.1 Get demo

Fill in the form on this webpage, you will receive a 'Welcome to Salesforce' within 10-15 minutes. This will be a brand new org, that comes with GoMeddo preinstalled and preconfigured.

4.2 Video explanation

Have a look at this video for an explanation on how to demo:

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