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Provide Availability

This is a Lightning Screen Flow that let’s users provide their (un)availability, typically from an Experience Cloud site. Think of volunteers that indicate when they are available for charity work for example.

You can however also expose it anywhere inside your Salesforce org. When the flow is put outside of an Experience Cloud site, or when accessing a site as a System Admin, it will default to a contact called 'Jon Amos'.

The ‘Provide Availability’ Lightning Screen Flow is shown in the red box


Use this URL to install the package into Production and Developer orgs

Use this URL to install the package into Sandbox orgs

How to use

After installation, the Lightning Screen Flow will be available under Setup > Flows. It is called GM - Provide Availability and your are free to change it to your needs. Place it anywhere in your Experience Cloud sites or anywhere in your Salesforce org.

The flow logs the availability record either under the logged in person’s Contact record (when viewed from Experience Cloud) or under a Contact named ‘Jon Amos’ in any other case. You can easily change this in Flow Builder.

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